."We are committed to sharing our knowledge and experience with those in the inner cities." - Chris Imafidon on BBC

The Imafidons meet Olympic Canoeing Slalom GB Coach!


The photo shows the Imafidon Twins in conversation with the Head Coach of Great Britain Canoe team, Nick Smith, who was the mastermind behind the historic Olympic success in Canoeing Slalom becoming the first ever British athletes to do so. Find the full story here.

Olympic Torchbearers-The Imafidon Twins

Olympic twins

Here are the Imafidon wonder twins with the Olympic torch. Permission of re-use of this picture is granted with acknowledgement of imafidons.com

Imafidon Twins celebrate and mark arrival of Olympic Torch

The Twins are looking forward to the Olympic Torch tomorrow, the imafidon family have received the map of the route and advanced details of the route of the Olympic Torch, so they know what role to play in the relay.

Imafidon Twins receive London 2012 Olympic Invitation


  The Imafidon Twins, on the basis of sporting achievement including 100m,200m,400m, Relay boys and girls and County  

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Success: Technology & Education

We would like to thank everyone who attended the event held at the O2 Holiday Inn, London on Friday, where Dr Chris (@ChrisImafidon) informed and inspired on "The role of technology and Education in Nation Building" Thanks for your generous comments after the meeting (#BOCN). We were glad that you were able to be inspired by the event and Dr Chris.

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