."We are committed to sharing our knowledge and experience with those in the inner cities." - Chris Imafidon on BBC

Success Evening for parents

Want to discover how you or your friend's children can top the class in 2015 exams, scholarship tests, SAT etc.?

Upcoming seminar will provide help for parents discover how their child can top the class in both academic and non-academic subjects as well as scholarship tests and SAT. On top of this, secrets will be shared on how to go to university tuition FREE and much more.


How can anyone get the best education for their child? Listen to Live tips on Education Talk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Et9Ia_Sl1o8. FREE registration for the Independent Schools Show http://www.schoolsshow.co.uk/index.php/london-tickets.

How to get 100% improvement in ALL exam scores

Do you want your child to 100% improvement in ALL exam scores? If yes, then Excellence in Education are running their annual half-term revision sessions from Monday 27th October 2014. Spaces are now limited for students who want to discover secrets of getting 100% improvements in all their exams. Make your booking now by clicking here.

Half-term Revision Sessions - 11plus, GCSE and A-Level exams

Don't miss out on the unique half revision sessions that will boost your child’s grades.

 Our 5-day intensive course is for those with upcoming exams and who need an extra boost over this half-term. We'll be covering the relevant subjects for all levels (as listed below) as well as exam techniques, exam paper practice, feedback and group sessions. It will be held from Monday 27th October to Friday 31st October, 11am to 4pm daily. 

How to turn your U grade into an A* in less than 21 days!

Congrats to ALL #ALevelResults Students and #GCSEResults Students. Did you get A*s?

5 Ways to Boost your Child's Grades

 Want to find out the 5 top steps to boosting your child's grades?

 Look out for upcoming webinars and e-books revealing the steps.

Monarchy meets Imafidon

The Queen Imafidon.jpg

What exactly did Her Majesty, the Queen say when she met an Imafidon face-to-face? Details will appear on this website later! Watch out!

A chance to meet Professor Maxwell

genius baby

For those of you that tuned into Wednesday's webinar and were inspired by Professor Maxwell's inspiring words, then there is now a chance to meet him in the flesh. Professor Maxwell will be advising parents and students on Sunday 20th April 2014 in Edmonton. Please see the address below. He will also have his world renowned book, 'Genius Baby'.


Missed yesterday's webinar? Get your FREE copy today.

Missed yesterday's webinar? Purchase your copy of Genius Baby by Professor William Maxwell (better known as President Obama's Professors' Professor) within the next 48 hours and collect your free copy of yesterday's webinar, which included a keynote speech on Parenting and Education. Don't miss this great opportunity to discover the secrets behind unlocking the genius in you! Both versions of the books are available in our EIE success shop.