."We are committed to sharing our knowledge and experience with those in the inner cities." - Chris Imafidon on BBC

Secrets of Topping the Class in 2017 (Christmas Revision)


Do you want to discover the secrets to passing any exam? We currently have last minute spaces available for the Annual Christmas Revision Sessions. Click here to register.

Zane off to Eton and Rebecca off to City of London, How to get Scholarships to the Top Schools


BBC states how 10-year-old Zane Narh became one of the youngest pupils to get a place in the prestigious, world famous Eton College from an inner-city primary School, thanks to Excellence Education-London programme. Zane won multiple offers to other top Independent schools and Grammar schools. He also passed GCSE (High School) Maths at 9; and plays hockey at county-level. Oh and he plays the piano at grade 4!

How to win multi-million research dollars


How to win multi-million research dollars. Apply now. How to over come the challenges and get the multi-million dollar research opportunities for Institutions in Africa and Emerging Economies
(A 5-day Conference/Progam for Universities and related institutions)

October Half-Term Revision

The Excellence in Education will be running a 5-day intensive course for upcoming exams and needing an extra boost over this half-term. This will run from Monday 24th October to Friday 28th October (from 11am to 4pm daily). To register your interest or find out more information, click here

Congratulations to Esther Okade!

Congrats Esther Okade! Passing maths GCSE with an A at the age of SEVEN, getting an A-Level aged just TEN and finally being offered to study for a maths degree at the Open University aged TEN is no easy feat. It goes to show anyone who follows the principles of EIE can achieve great things! 

Easter Revision

Want to discover how to top the class this Easter and reach ultimate exam success? Our intensive course for those with upcoming exams and needing an extra boost over this Easter .We'll be covering the relevant subjects for all levels as well as exam techniques, exam paper practice, feedback and group sessions. Monday 13th April to Friday 17th April, 11am to 4pm daily. Students will have to bring a packed lunch. Click here to register.

Online Webinar - *Strategies for 100% SUCCESS*


Make sure you don't miss out on how to achieve 100% success in 2015 this weekend. Click on the link below at 8pm TODAY (07/02/2015) to watch live Dr Chris revealing the secrets behind achieving 100% success in 2015. Click on the second link below at 5pm on TOMORROW (08/02/2015) to watch Dr Chris live, as he reveals how to achieve 100% success in 2015. Click here. Click here.

Half-term Revision Sessions 2015

 Please note that we will be holding revision sessions between Monday 16th February to Friday 20th February. Make sure that you register on the eventbrite  link (which will be available from the 10th February).

Success Evening for parents

Want to discover how you or your friend's children can top the class in 2015 exams, scholarship tests, SAT etc.?

Upcoming seminar will provide help for parents discover how their child can top the class in both academic and non-academic subjects as well as scholarship tests and SAT. On top of this, secrets will be shared on how to go to university tuition FREE and much more.


How can anyone get the best education for their child? Listen to Live tips on Education Talk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Et9Ia_Sl1o8. FREE registration for the Independent Schools Show http://www.schoolsshow.co.uk/index.php/london-tickets.