."We are committed to sharing our knowledge and experience with those in the inner cities." - Chris Imafidon on BBC

Top the class webinar/ustream THIS weekend!

 Dr Chris, father of the brainiest family will be speaking at a LIVE interactive session entitled

How to top the class seminar part 2

 Dr Chris, father of the brainiest family will be speaking at a LIVE interactive session entitled


Want to know the secret to exam success? or maybe just how to be top of your class in everything you do? Then come and join us on Sunday 1st August 2010 at 11am and at 1.30pm for a workshop. It will be held at:

Grace Outreach Auditorium,7-14 Ruby Triangle,Sandgate Street (Off Old Kent road),London,SE15 1LG

THIS IS A FREE EVENT so bring family friends along with you.

Others we have helped...

We are always giving back to the community and doing our best to inspire others. For Case studies of people we have helped, click on the scrolling names below.

Every Child is a GENIUS

"EVERY CHILD is a GENIUS provided we discover and develop their talents"  according to Chris Imafidon described by the BBC as the Patriarch of the world'd brainiest family. (As quoted by  SkyNews, The Times,  and Metro of  March 2010)

The Imafidons have also mentored other Inner city students who became record-holders in passing difficult exams.


Welcome to the homepage of the Imafidon Family. Described by the world media and leading Professors as five ordinary children attempting extraordinary feats. They were raised in inner city with the inner conviction that there is no limit to human achievement in any sphere. Click on one of the names at the top left to navigate the site or contact if you would like to get in touch with them. Also have a look at the Media section for some of the children in action and we've been very BUSY recently.

Secrets of Exam Success Seminar

SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER: Chris Imafidon, described by the BBC as "Patriarch of the brainiest family in the world"

Past successes featured by The BBC, CNN, SKYNews, ITV, Guardian, Times, Telegraph, Mail, Mirror, USA Today, FoxNews, The Express, Evening Standard, The Recorder, The Voice, include:

  • Youngest student to be awarded a Cambridge qualification
  • Youngest person to gain admission to a Russell group university
  • The youngest students to pass A-level papers
  • The youngest pupils to pass a double GCSE

Imafidons on TV

Christmas has come early, especially for all the 11-year-olds who got the choice of their secondary schools, BUT for one set of twins story is radically different...

On BBC News at 6:30pm and ITV News at 6pm TONIGHT to catch our students who have just become the YOUNGEST EVER STUDENTS TO ENTER SECONDARY SCHOOL, AGED 9! This is an amazing story that you need to watch so DO NOT miss this opportunity to watch

Also on Sky Channel 588 watch Brunch at 10pm

Seen us on TV recently?

The twins have done it again! Even the Guinness Book of Records has no record of any 9-year-old children that have been admitted to a secondary school any where in the world. We salute the teachers, parents and staff for their unwavering commitment and uncompromising support.

According to President Barack Obama "Our kids aren't smarter than they were three years ago; it's just our expectations for them are higher."

Resources from us...

Pictured: "The Imafidon twins with their favourite Mathematics - Best selling Mathematics Manual authored by Samantha Imafidon et al"