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Secrets of Exam Success Seminar

SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER: Chris Imafidon, described by the BBC as "Patriarch of the brainiest family in the world"

Past successes featured by The BBC, CNN, SKYNews, ITV, Guardian, Times, Telegraph, Mail, Mirror, USA Today, FoxNews, The Express, Evening Standard, The Recorder, The Voice, include:

  • Youngest student to be awarded a Cambridge qualification
  • Youngest person to gain admission to a Russell group university
  • The youngest students to pass A-level papers
  • The youngest pupils to pass a double GCSE

VENUE: Cliwom Auditorium - 709 Old Kent Road (Old British Gas Depot) SE15 1JZ
DATE: Saturday 13th March 2010 TIME: 4.00pm
REGISTRATION HOTLINE: 0800 048 8891 or 020 7358 9994