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7 top tips to win your school's appeal

By imafidons - Posted on 03 May 2010


  1. Get the right forms and study the schools admission policies, and PROCEDURES
  2. Apply before the deadline, but the earlier, the better. (Don't wait till you get all your points together, you can always update the info supplied)
  3. Argue your case of your child's suitability for the school and not a negative campaign against your rejected school
  4. Appeals are independent of the school, therefore you have more than 25% of winning
  5. You must ask the Headteacher, or their designate about what damage will be done by the school taking on your child, and demonstrate what damage will occur to your child's development of talent, or gifts if denied a space.
  6. Don't state how bad the allocated school, but state for appropriate the appealled school is!
  7. Get every documentary evidence of your Child's musical, sporting, or other abiliies and link it to the desired school.