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Dr Chris, father of the brainiest family will be speaking at a LIVE interactive session entitled

"Top tips to topping the class and winning scholarships" this summer on

Sunday, 1st August 2010 at 11am and workshop at 1.30pm

for parents. teachers and students. All delegates will get a discount voucher to

Every Child is a GENIUS

"EVERY CHILD is a GENIUS provided we discover and develop their talents"  according to Chris Imafidon described by the BBC as the Patriarch of the world'd brainiest family. (As quoted by  SkyNews, The Times,  and Metro of  March 2010)

The Imafidons have also mentored other Inner city students who became record-holders in passing difficult exams.

Latest - from Newsweek and CNN

"At seven, the imafidons set three world records as the youngest ever to pass college (Advanced) level mathematics at 7"
Newsweek 2009

Imafidon twins are the "most talented and best nurtured child prodigy ever"
CNN (i-report) 2009

Secrets of Exam Success

I will be speaking at a special seminar for Parents on 18th April 2009 at 1pm at CLIWOM Auditorium, Old Kent Road, SE15 1JL (see directions>>). I will be sharing secrets that guarantee that every child tops their class. It is a FREE seminar sponsored by CLIWOM and EIE.
See more details here.