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How to turn your U grade into an A* in less than 21 days!

Congrats to ALL #ALevelResults Students and #GCSEResults Students. Did you get A*s?

5 Ways to Boost your Child's Grades

 Want to find out the 5 top steps to boosting your child's grades?

 Look out for upcoming webinars and e-books revealing the steps.

Monarchy meets Imafidon

The Queen Imafidon.jpg

What exactly did Her Majesty, the Queen say when she met an Imafidon face-to-face? Details will appear on this website later! Watch out!

How to be a learning and exam GENIUS!

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Why do some people find exams easy?

A chance to meet Professor Maxwell

genius baby

For those of you that tuned into Wednesday's webinar and were inspired by Professor Maxwell's inspiring words, then there is now a chance to meet him in the flesh. Professor Maxwell will be advising parents and students on Sunday 20th April 2014 in Edmonton. Please see the address below. He will also have his world renowned book, 'Genius Baby'.


Missed yesterday's webinar? Get your FREE copy today.

Missed yesterday's webinar? Purchase your copy of Genius Baby by Professor William Maxwell (better known as President Obama's Professors' Professor) within the next 48 hours and collect your free copy of yesterday's webinar, which included a keynote speech on Parenting and Education. Don't miss this great opportunity to discover the secrets behind unlocking the genius in you! Both versions of the books are available in our EIE success shop.

President Obama's Professors' Professor LIVE WEBINAR NOW


President Obama's Professors' Professor, Professor William Maxwell will be giving a keynote speech on Parenting and Education, as part of the pre-Easter programme of the Excellence in Education. Click here to join the webinar now!

£27K Football Scholarship into University

Want to know how to win a scholarship worth £27K into University? Then tune into an upcoming webinar hosted by Dr. Imafidon. During this webinar he will share with you what he learned at a recent  Parliamentary event, when he had the opportunity to speak to the Chair of the Professional Football Association (PFA).

Stemettes Hack at Bloomberg

 Want to know what it is like to work in a very prestigious institution in the City of London? Will the join us at the Stemettes Spring Hack at Bloomberg where you will be taught how to code and create your own apps. Register TODAY as space are extremely limited.

President Obama meets Imafidon


What exactly did President Barack Obama say when he met an Imafidon face-to-face? Details will appear in a forthcoming book! Watch out!