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Imafidon Honoured with invitation to exclusive royal event

Samantha and Professor Imafidon at Commonwealth Day 2019.
Samantha Imafidon, manager at Microsoft and mentee of Professor Imafidon, was honoured by Queen Elizabeth II  by been invited to the annual Commonwealth service in Westminster Abbey.  The event hosted Imafidon along with the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and other members of the royal family.

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Professor Imafidon invited to lead a team of top scholars to join Queen Elizabeth II in celebrations

Professor Imafidon joins Queen Elizabeth II in celebrations.
Professor Chris Imafidon, chair of the honours invitation to lead the nation’s top students, scholars and leading entrepreneurs to join Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the commonwealth at Westminster Abbey in London.

Congratulations to the Youngest GCSE & A-level pass 2018!

From all the EIE Staff, we want to say a huge congratulations to all our students who achieved fantastic results in both GCSE and A-level. In particular, to the 

100% success in Education, Employment & Entrepreneurship (Oxford – Sept 2018)

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100% success in Education, Employment & Entrepreneurship (Cambridge Bootcamp)

Do you want to know how to get multiple scholarships, even if your child is not the brightest in the class? 

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Human Development is best strategy for prosperity, Professor Chris Imafidon tells Commonwealth Leaders

Human capital development exceeds the narrow boundaries of traditional education and remains the key to institutional, individual and national prosperity. This must be the take home message of any #Commonwealth leader #Chogm2018 #ProfessorChrisImafidon #ProfChrisImafidon 

Professor Chris Imafidon speaks in defence of innocent children

Ahead of the #Commonwealth summit in London, Professor Chris Imafidon has spoken in support of innocent kids who now face deportation on a major TV network tonight at 7pm (UK). It was streamed on social media #Windrush #ProfChrisImafidon #ProfessorChrisImafidon 


Hawkings goes home

 Professor Chris Imafidon says "today is a really sad day for science. Professor Hawkings redefined STEM. He pushed all boundaries and encouraged us @EIEprogramme to do the same for mathematics.The greatest mind I have ever heard!"

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